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  • Robin Seeger

Being Present

Nowhere to go - nothing to do - just now.

Living in the moment is instrumental to my being.

But sometimes I am also called to take another step.

Not running, not jumping, not a leap of faith kind of step - just a little small step forward. A step out of the darkness, that can suck me in.

Yesterday I was stepping into that space of darkness. That space were I didn’t want to do all this anymore where I didn’t want to go on. The space where everything I did or do was not good enough anymore.

Where I went into abysmal sadness, into eternal judgement of self, into indescribable anger of not getting myself out of it even though I know I have all the tools and full awareness of going into the space.

Then, the magic happened, I took a few deep breaths, allowed all there was to be alive and felt into what I wanted to do. And what I wanted to do was take a step, a small step forward out of the darkness into the light.

Sometimes it is the simple things that make all the difference but even that small step can be feeling like it is insurmountable. Well it is if I let it be or it is just a small easy step into the other direction.

The choice was mine.

What do you choose?

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