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Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Help Support the Balinese

Robin Seeger

Bali has been our home now for nearly 3 years. The wonderful Balinese people have opened up their homes and hearts to us, and now it's time to give back.

With Bali heavily relying on tourism, COVID has destroyed the local economy with many local Balinese left with nothing to support their families as they have lost their jobs due to there being no tourists. They have missed out on their peak season of tourists this year and we have been compelled to lend a hand to the locals by delivering food to local villages.

My family and I have been very fortunate to have helped over 500 families so far, but there are many more who need our help. Even the smallest amount makes a huge difference for families here who really have no income or support during these trying times.


It costs less than $20 to feed a family for 2 weeks. 100% of all the donations are used to buy basic food items directly from farmers, and we then deliver the food to the families personally. We document it all on my Facebook and Instagram.

a journey of ritches returning to love.j

I don’t want to just ask for a donation, I believe in giving back.


I co-wrote a book, it is an international bestseller. A Journey of Riches, Returning to Love is a collaboration with nine other writers, each has a story to tell that will touch your soul and leave you in no doubt that there is love enough for us all, with stories that show: How we are all tied together and united by love. Why forgiveness is everything. Loving yourself is as important as loving another. Everything is possible when you love. Mastering self-love. Why we should leave the past behind us. The way to achieve peace and happiness. And more...


For anyone who donates $5 or more, I will send you a FREE e-book copy of Returning to Love: A Journey of Riches. (Add your email in the name field if different from your paypal email). Any little helps, thank you!

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